As the only trade association representing the outsource sector, we are focusing on the following key themes:

  • Engagement with BEIS, HMRC, Treasury and the Business Secretary
  • The post Brexit talent landscape in particular visas and the movement of skilled workers across borders 
  • The Apprenticeship Levy – in particular the broadening of its scope and use  
  • Payment terms legislation
  • The impact of the UK Labour Market Enforcement Strategy.

Political Lobbying


Spring Statement 2022

The Chancellor delivered his Spring Statement on 23 March 2022, members can download our full summary here.

This Summary covers all the changes announced in the Chancellor’s speech and includes tables of the main rates and allowances.


Latest Activity


APSCo’s Key Policy Recommendations sent to the new Prime Minister and Ministers with briefs of relevance to the recruitment sector and labour market.

Meeting with Policy Advisor to Mr McKee SNP Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise in Glasgow.



Meeting with DIT Policy Advisors to speak on our proposals for visas for highly skilled self-employed contractors and information collated on international comparisons.