29 Nov 2022

The increasing need for agility and self-sufficiency in your VMS solution

We’re delighted that our Managing Director Melanie Forbes will join our Trusted partner Nétive VMS UK to speak on their webinar on 8th December 2022.

With a rising need for outsourced talent and a widening supply-demand gap, effective sourcing and vendor management are more complex and business-critical than ever. Whilst outsourcing continues to present new opportunities to those seeking talent, it also demands powerful management of an entire and often complicated vendor ecosystem.

So, how can managed service providers (MSPs) adapt to meet their client's changing needs, specifically in the mid-market?


Join Netive VMS UK online to explore:

  • Insights into the evolving nature of the VMS and MSP market, how clients needs have become more sophisticated over recent years, and predictions for the future.
  • How to increase agility and self-sufficiency in your MSP programme portfolio to meet your client's needs.
  • How you can successfully operate in the mid-market; the tools, functionality and business case drivers.
  • The level of agility required in mid-market VMS configuration and optimisation.

As the Managing Director of APSCo OutSource, Mel will bring her 25 years of industry knowledge in Managed Service/RPO and Recruitment Businesses.

Register to attend this webinar here.