Meetings & Events

We hold a range of regular events both face to face and virtual designed to add real value:

  • Bi-monthly member meetings: A forum for members to engage, discuss and debate key issues such as challenging market trends and buying habits and to drive the outsourcing agenda
  • Bi-monthly Leadership Innovation meeting: A meeting for members with guests from the OutSource Client Community including talent and procurement professionals as well as technology providers. The meetings will provide context around client objectives, highlight challenges and support innovation to drive change
  • Twice yearly Policy Group: A key purpose of OutSource is to represent the sector with a clear voice. This group meets with our Global Director of Public Policy to advise and review progress on lobbying activity with additional ad hoc meetings to discuss responses to specific government consultations. Current and future themes include:
    • Visas and the movement of skilled labour across borders The Apprenticeship Levy
    • Implementation of the Labour Market Enforcement Strategy The impact of Brexit
    • The Prompt Payment Code
    • The Future of Work

This events page will be updated regularly. If you have any questions about any of our events or are a non-member and would like to find out how to attend, please contact [email protected].