We started our political activities in 2022 and are talking to key decision-makers in politics. The goal is to positively influence political decisions regarding the labour, recruiting and outsourcing market.

OutSource Europe is working closely with APSCo Deutschland and OutSource UK on our German and European lobbying priorities. We have already launched an APSCo Global Positioning Paper on the EU’s draft directive on platform working, alongside APSCo Deutschland’s tailor-made German engagement and recommendations.

We are also working on the following topics with the European Union: the AI Act and the “Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive CSDDD” (Supply Chain Directive).

Policy Events

OutSource Europe members are invited to policy events hosted by both the UK and Europe. As the first European trade association solely supporting outsourcing companies, members are encouraged to actively develop and support our policy initiatives, thereby helping us on our journey to articulate the criticality of the RPO and MSP sectors to the future of hiring and higher productivity.

Political Monitor Newsletters

In our UK and German political monitors, we highlight EU legislation relevant to the sector, including the AI Act and fair supply chains. We work with our members to engage with politicians, policy advisors and stakeholders to ensure that legislation affecting staffing is appropriate, protecting workers whilst encouraging individual and corporate innovation and growth.