Why are some roles just so hard to fill? Why do we have candidate shortages? Why has recruitment become so problematic? And what can recruiters do about it?

In this webinar, APSCo OutSource CEO Mel Forbes will chat with Cathryn Barnard, director of Working the Future. Working the Future is APSCo OutSource’s newest strategic partner and a UK-headquartered trends advisory consultancy helping business leaders prepare for and adapt to the future of work.

COVID-19 has undisputedly accelerated key trends driving change in labour markets, employment and the nature of work itself. As the global economy strives to integrate next-generation digital technologies and accommodate supply chain shortages and increasingly unpredictable weather events, it’s also clear that mainstream attitudes towards work have shifted. Talent risk is now identified as a key obstacle to business stability and growth.

Mel and Cat will explore current labour market dynamics, shifting attitudes towards work, the reskilling emergency and next generation talent ecosystems.

What do modern workers want? Why can’t we find the skills employers are asking for on the open market? How can organisations leverage alternative employment types to accelerate agility and operating resilience?

By gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of modern labour markets, recruitment process outsourcers and managed service providers will be better equipped to help clients navigate these new labour market landscapes and add strategic value to their clients’ staffing plans.

Cathryn Barndard

Cathryn Barndard

Working the Future

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