The 2024 labour market continues to perplex most organisations. Rising unemployment co-exists alongside ongoing skills shortages. Jobhunters seek increasing bespoke ways of working. Reaching a consensus on hybrid work scheduling remains a challenge. Limited flexibility and lack of career advancement persist as key triggers of disengagement. Ongoing low productivity is constricting organisational performance and threatening longer-term resilience.

In short, staffing issues remain a topic of concern in most boardrooms.

But how did we get here? What changed? And more importantly, what does the staffing industry need to do to mitigate talent risk and harness opportunity?


In this 60-minute webinar, APSCO OutSource CEO Mel Forbes will chat with Cathryn Barnard, Founding Director of Working the Future. One of APSCO OutSource’s strategic partners, Working the Future provides work trend intelligence and analysis to help business leaders prepare for and adapt to the future of work

Building on the success of December’s webinar, Mel and Cat will dive deeper into the factors driving shifting attitudes towards work, the reskilling emergency and next-generation talent ecosystems. Given this new landscape, they will also present potential pathways forward.

A broader understanding of the trends underlying labour market complexity will help staffing firms deliver greater strategic value to their stakeholders, in turn assisting the wider transition to new ways of working.