20 Mar 2024
by APSCo OutSource

Awards for Excellence - Your Roadmap to Success

Every year, our respected Awards for Excellence not only spotlight the outstanding work carried out by outsourcing providers across the UK but also stand as a symbol of excellence and top-tier service within the outsourcing industry. 

To guide you towards success, we have compiled 10 tips that should help point you in the right direction. 

  • Understand the criteria: The judging panel will assess your submission based on specific guidelines, so it's crucial to grasp them thoroughly. 

  • Mind the word limit: Our online portal has strict word count limitations. Familiarise yourself with the maximum allowed words and tailor your responses accordingly. 

  • Be concise: Avoid verbose language that eats into your word count. Opt for clarity and brevity instead. 

  • Provide evidence: Support your claims with concrete data or evidence. Instead of vague statements, offer specific figures like "78% staff retention in the last 12 months." 

  • Avoid duplication: Refrain from copying content from your website or marketing materials. Customise your submission to align with the awards' objectives. 

  • Use bullet points: Present information efficiently with bulleted lists where appropriate. 

  • Review rigorously: Proofread your entry meticulously and be willing to revise as necessary. 

  • Answer the questions: Stay focused by directly addressing the provided prompts. 

  • Maintain honesty: If shortlisted, be prepared to defend your submission truthfully and avoid exaggeration. 

  • Seek feedback: Obtain multiple perspectives, including from individuals unfamiliar with the content, for a final review. 

For more details on the awards criteria, categories and this year's judges, click here

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