08 Dec 2023
by Netive

Nétive VMS acquires FlexForceMonkey

"We can now support the entire chain in their further digitisation and professionalisation."

As of November 21, FlexForceMonkey has been acquired by Nétive VMS. According to Patrick Tiessen, CEO of Nétive VMS, and Doede van Haperen, CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of FlexForceMonkey, the acquisition enables them to significantly better serve the market.



Patrick Tiessen says, "We are both in the same industry, namely the flexible staffing industry. We complement each other strongly in different areas. Together, we will ensure a solid acceleration of processes and flawless operation. At Nétive VMS, as a VMS Suite, we mainly focus on the entire recruitment process and administrative support for the customer. FlexForceMonkey, on the other hand, focuses on facilitating the supply process and mainly concentrates on the supplier. This is a strong 'win-win situation' for us because by combining our expertise, we can now support the entire chain in their further professionalisation and digitisation.

Faster and better

Patrick Tiessen: “We were already developing a new tool, Nétive VMS Connect, for the exchange of data between our VMS Suite and suppliers’ systems. So, we were already taking on the digitisation of the flexible supply chain. FlexForceMonkey was already working on this as a specialty. When we spoke to Doede, we concluded that we could bring in this new knowledge much faster and better through Doede's existing expertise than doing everything ourselves."

Doede van Haperen: "For us, the gain is mainly the fact that we now have a much broader foundation to achieve our mission - establishing digital collaboration as the standard. At FlexForceMonkey, we have made it our specialty to replace all those manual processes with smart connections. We have become an integration platform born out of feedback from suppliers wanting to collaborate with customer onboarding processes. The frustration of the supplier is often that the customer is mainly focused on internal optimisation, leaving the supplier to figure things out on their own. To solve that problem, we built a platform that all suppliers can use independently of software, so everyone can optimise in their own environment."

Wider demand

Patrick Tiessen adds: "We are convinced that our collaboration is very important for the market because we see that customer demand is becoming increasingly broader. It involves things like interfaces, integrations, and so on. Nowadays, when we talk to a new customer, their first question is always about interfaces. In the current situation, recruiters or consultants often have to manually transfer data from a VMS to the system that the staffing company is using. The efficiency gains that can be achieved by smartly automating all these processes are enormous, both for the supplier and the customer."

Doede van Haperen: "The market naturally demands this acceleration as well. In a labour market where it's difficult to find people, you need faster processes. The call for innovation is growing, as is the pursuit of operational excellence: you want to do as much work as possible with as few people as possible.


If you want optimal efficiency, it's very simple: the fewer administrative tasks, the better. So, it's purely about connecting. The better the systems at the backend work together, the smoother and faster the processes will be. Everything must be able to work together. And that's exactly what we are going to achieve by combining our skills from Nétive VMS and FlexForceMonkey. This not only makes us happy but hopefully the entire market!


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