16 Nov 2023

New Whitepaper - Disrupting the norm: The future of staffing and outsourcing

It would perhaps be an understatement to say that the staffing and outsourcing sectors have experienced significant disruption and change over the last few years. The situation that we all find ourselves in now is one of continued uncertainty and change. Skills shortages, digital disruption and the growth of the gig economy will create further challenges for everyone in the supply chain. However, these can be turned into significant opportunities if staffing firms and outsourced providers can work together.

In the spirit of collaboration, the Representative Committees from APSCo UK and APSCo OutSource came together in a first-of-its-kind meeting of leaders from the recruitment outsourcing and staffing sectors in Q4 2023. The following report outlines the key takeaways from the event and the topline recommendations that both groups agreed need to be implemented in order to boost the strength of the UK’s labour market.


APSCo OutSource and APSCo UK members can access a copy of this whitepaper here. If you are not a member, please submit the form below to request your copy.