18 Jul 2023

OutSource Summer CSR Day 2023

At APSCo OutSource we strongly believe in the power of collective action and making a positive impact. On 13th July 2023, we held our summer CSR day at Westbere Copse, Nature Reserve.


Westbere Copse is a nature reserve lovingly maintained by a passionate local volunteering scene. This hidden gem provides fresh air and vibrant habitat for wildlife in the heart of our urban landscape. And we had a day filled with fulfilling tasks that’ll make a real difference including wood-chipping path surfaces, levelling paths, repairing steps, weeding and much more.

A huge thank you to our like-minded Trusted Partner Nétive VMS, who has covered the costs of the day, including insurance, tools, and a delicious packed lunch for everyone!

Craig Holborn, Country Manager UK, Nétive:

We sponsor various events throughout the year, typically commercially motivated to improve brand awareness or seeking to generate leads. Not this time! 

It was an absolute privilege as an APSCo OutSource Trusted Partner to sponsor its CSR day simply to give something back; to help a local community, to provide them a green space where they can get outdoors, enjoy some peace and tranquillity, and connect with neighbours.

A lot of hard work but, in common with Nétive’s core values, loads of fun. Connecting with friends old and new from the OutSource network.


The local Friends Group chairman popped by and was incredibly grateful, as they don’t have the people power to complete that sort of work and our team really transformed the site. The Chairman said they’re also an older group of residents who cannot manage that volume of hard work. The path looked amazing at the end, the two new steps put in so expertly and so securely (so the Friends Group can safely access their tool store) and the stunning bit of carpentry and a huge amount of digging to create what became known as the ‘octabout’! An octagonal-shaped retainer around the oak tree in the path.

This CSR day at Westbere Copse was a testament to the power of collective action and the positive difference we can make when we come together. We’re proud to have made a real difference to Westbere Copse and the community while having fun.

It is great to come together, positively impact our environment, and have a fun-filled day. Thank you again to our sponsored partner Netive for helping to make it possible and kudos to all our merry volunteers, thank you for your help and hard work!

A few photos of our day!