08 Jan 2024

Thank you for 2023 and looking forward to 2024! 

As we begin 2024, we want to take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months for APSCo OutSource and our members. 2023 saw us hold a host of events, invaluable webinars, and the successful execution of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day. Let's dive into the stats that defined our year and peek into the year ahead. 

In 2023, APSCo OutSource held a total of 12 meetings and events, providing a space for our members, Trusted Partners and Client Community to connect, collaborate, and share insights. As well as these 12 in person events, we also held 8 webinars, often in collaboration with our Trusted and Strategic partners. These events had a combined total of 305 attendees, and we are proud to see our community growing and thriving - We can’t wait to see what 2024 brings. 

One of our highlights of 2023 was our CSR Day, which not only allowed us to give back to the community but also fostered a sense of purpose and unity among our members. The positive impact of our CSR initiatives extends beyond the numbers, leaving an indelible mark on both the organisation and the communities we serve. At the back end of 2023, we announced that our 2024 charity partner is YourGamePlan, and we can’t wait to get started on our work with them.  We look forward to introducing you to YourGamePlan in due course and getting you involved. 

Navigating the complex legal landscape of outsourcing is an integral part of our service, and in 2023, APSCo OutSource tackled a total of 105 legal queries. This statistic underlines the importance of staying informed and proactive in addressing legal concerns, and we remain committed to providing timely and relevant support to our members. 

Investing in the professional growth of our members is a cornerstone of APSCo Global’s mission. In 2023, we were pleased to see 10 OutSource members actively participating in our Training and Development sessions. These sessions not only enhance skills but also foster a culture of continuous learning within our sector. 

As we embark on a new year, the momentum gained in 2023 pushes us forward with enthusiasm and determination. APSCo OutSource is committed to building on the successes of the past year, introducing new initiatives, creating meaningful thought leadership and further strengthening the outsourcing ecosystem. 

Stay tuned for an exciting lineup of events, webinars, and new opportunities designed to empower our members and Trusted Partners and drive the industry forward. Together, we will navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and make 2024 a year of growth and success for APSCo OutSource and its members. 

A big heartfelt thank you to our members, Trusted Partners, and the entire APSCo OutSource community for contributing to the success of 2023. Here's to a prosperous and fulfilling 2024 – a year filled with shared accomplishments, continuous learning, and lasting connections! 


2023 in pictures